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Selling a Fixer-Upper Property with a Lease Option

So, you've got a property that needs repairs and you want to sell it, but you're not getting the offers you want? Don't worry, there's a solution which can help you sell your home in a better way even if it's in need of repairs. In this video post, I'm going to teach you about lease options and how they can be an excellent option for selling a property with repairs.

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What is a Lease Option?

A lease option is a real estate strategy that allows a buyer to lease a property over a certain period while having the option to purchase it at an agreed-upon price before the lease agreement expires. Essentially, the buyer is leasing the property with an option to purchase it in the future. This option is often used when a buyer doesn't have the down payment or credit score to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Benefits of Selling with a Lease Option

A lease option can offer numerous benefits for both the buyer and the seller. For the seller, it can help to sell a property that needs repairs quickly and smoothly, potentially for more money. Instead of waiting for a traditional buyer to come in, the seller can lease the property while getting upfront option money and monthly lease payments from the buyer. Plus, the seller can also escape the maintenance costs and responsibilities of being a landlord. On the other hand, for the buyer, a lease option opportunity can give them the chance to secure their dream home while they get their finances in order.

How to Set up a Lease Option

To set up a lease option, you will need to find a potential buyer willing to lease the property. Once you have found the perfect tenant, you and the buyer will need to negotiate and sign a lease option agreement. In the agreement, you should establish the monthly rental payments, the length of the lease, the option to purchase price, and the upfront option fee the tenant would pay. It is also essential to work with an experienced real estate attorney to ensure all the terms are in your favor and that you are legally protected.

Risks Involved in a Lease Option

While lease options can be lucrative and benefit both parties, they come with risks attached. One of the biggest risks of a lease option is the buyer failing to follow through with the purchase after the lease term ends. Ultimately, the seller can lose money and remain stuck with a property that needs repairs. This is why it is essential to analyze the financial profile of the buyer before they opt for a lease agreement.


Selling a property with repairs may feel daunting, but with the right strategy, it can be a smoother and quicker process. Lease options can be an excellent option to sellers, but remember to protect yourself and work with a trusted attorney in the process. With the right lease option agreement in place, you can sell your property quickly, effortlessly, and confidently. So, see the bright side of the property that needs repairs and get ready to lease it out!


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