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Say Goodbye to Closing Costs and Realtor Fees!

If you're from Central Arkansas and looking to sell your property without the hassle of closing costs or a realtor, check this out! You could be saying goodbye to stressful sales procedures - hello fast cash. Keep reading for more info on how an investor can help make it happen.

What are Closing Costs & Realtor Fees?

Selling a home typically involves closing costs and realtor fees. Closing costs are fees charged for services related to the sale of the home such as loan origination fees, appraisal fees, title searches, etc. Realtor fees are commissions paid to the real estate agent who helped you sell your home. These two factors can add up quickly, resulting in thousands of dollars in extra expenses when selling your home. Realtor fees are generally between 4-6% of the sale price while closing costs can be around 4%. So to estimate the cost, take 10% off the sale price of the home.

How Can A Real Estate Investor Help?

Real estate investors specialize in buying homes quickly and with little hassle. Unlike traditional buyers, they don’t require a lengthy inspection process or any repairs prior to purchasing the property. This means that you can avoid both closing costs and realtor fees when selling your home. At Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers, we close through a reputable title company and cover the closing costs.

Selling to an investor can be a great way to quickly get cash for your home, but it's crucial that you understand the trade-off: they need a good deal. Depending on any repairs or refurbishing needed, investors will typically buy at 20 - 40% under market value in order to sustain their business. If you are looking to get top dollar for your property, and not much needs to be done in repairs, listing with a realtor may be a better option. Check this article for more info on comparing selling options:

Selling your Central Arkansas home straight to a real estate investor can be an attractive alternative if you’re looking for some quick cash and convenience. Forget the usual closing costs, hefty fees usually associated with selling, and say ‘goodbye’ to complicated negotiations - all that's required is ensuring their timeline works within yours! There may not be quite as much money in it but hey – sometimes time means more than anything else when getting ready to move on. Best of luck!

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