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Families We’ve Helped: Transforming Patrick's Struggle into A Win-Win Solution

The Challenge: A Trashed House in Need of Repair

Patrick, a homeowner in Mabelvale, AR, found himself in a difficult situation when his family members, who rented his property, moved out and left a severely damaged house behind. To make matters worse, Patrick and his wife were struggling to pay medical bills due to his wife's illness, pushing them to the brink of financial instability.

Not only was Patrick unable to afford much-needed repairs to make the house ready for new tenants, he also faced the possibility of falling behind on the mortgage payments. It was a dire and overwhelming situation that desperately needed a solution.

Enter Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers, a company committed to helping homeowners like Patrick. Our team understood the urgency of Patrick's situation and immediately stepped in to provide a solution: buy the property from him and give him some money upfront to cover the mortgage payment.

With this arrangement, Patrick would be able to avoid falling behind on his mortgage while also sparing him the cost and stress of repairing the property.

The Process

Our team of professionals carefully assessed the situation and the property's overall condition. We then provided Patrick with a fair estimate of the property's value, taking into consideration the extensive repairs required to make it habitable again.

Once Patrick agreed to the offer, our team expedited the purchasing process to ensure he had a quick closing. We agreed to give him money before closing upfront to cover his mortgage payment. This allowed him to avoid late mortgage payments and the potential loss of the property.

The Outcome: A Win-Win Solution

By buying the house from Patrick, Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers addressed his financial issues and provided a way for him to focus on what truly mattered: the health and well-being of his wife.

Patrick no longer had to contend with the overwhelming concern of losing his property to late mortgage payments, and he was happily relieved from the burden of repairing the trashed house.

As for Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers, we were able to obtain a property with huge potential, ready for rehabilitating and transforming it into a valuable asset, driving our investment's positive outcomes. We are in the process of rehabbing the property now, hoping to provide a nice home for a new family soon.

Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers stepped in when Patrick needed help the most. In the face of adversity, we demonstrated that our team and services make a real difference in the lives of homeowners, providing valuable and timely solutions to their pressing issues.

Whether it's a property in need of repair or urgent financial relief, Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers are here to help homeowners find the best possible outcomes, one property at a time.


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