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Families We've Helped | Jacksonville, AR

Bob T | Jacksonville, AR

When we first went to Jacksonville, Arkansas to purchase the 5-acre property from Bob, we were in for an adventure! It was a beautiful piece of land with plenty of trees and even a pond. We had learned that Bob had moved to Hot Springs Village so he no longer needed this property.

Once we arrived, we saw that Bob had left some unneeded items behind in the mobile home and around the land. We assured him he could take the things he wanted and we would handle the rest.

We hired someone to clean out the property and were able to bring the property back to its original beauty and make it a nice little paradise outside of the city. Now a new family can enjoy spending their free days there with friends, fishing at the pond or just enjoying nature.

We owe a great deal of thanks to Bob for this incredible opportunity. We are so thankful that he chose us to take over the land. Thanks, Bob! 🥂🍻 😊😊😊 🌳🌱⛲️🐟 🤩✨☀️⛅️ 💚 💕

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