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Families We've Helped | Cabot, AR

Danny B | Bluebird, Cabot AR

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Danny, an over the road trucker from Cabot Arkansas. It all began when I was looking for some property to buy and stumbled across Danny's 1.5-acre lot with a mobile home on it.

I knew right away that this would be perfect for me! So, I got in touch with Danny. To my surprise, it turned out that he had been living at the property several years ago but had moved away and left the lot vacant since then.

He was tired of mowing the grass and paying taxes on the property so I guess you could say we both got lucky! So, we agreed on the price and I bought 1.5 acres of land with a mobile home on it from Danny. It had been vacant for several years but with a little bit of work and love, I'm sure I can turn it into a great place to live or maybe even rent out.

I'm happy for Danny that he was able to make some extra money from the sale, and I'm looking forward to making this property something special.

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