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Families We've Helped | Ward, AR

Cody B. I Black Oak Cir, Ward AR

When I first spoke to Cody, he told me he had inherited a property from his father, was willing to sell it and use the money to invest in real estate, I was immediately interested. My business partner went to view the property and initially Cody wanted a price for it that was far higher than what we were able to pay. After some negotiation, we managed to come to an agreement that worked for both of us.

Cody was newly married, and told us that he wanted to be done with this property so he could focus on building a life with his new wife. I completely understood where Cody was coming from; I remember being newly married to my husband, I totally got why selling this property would be the right move for Cody. In the end, I'm glad that we could come to an agreement that worked for both parties and that Cody was able to get what he needed out of this sale.

I guess you could say it was a win-win! I'm glad we were able to buy the property and help Cody with the next chapter.

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