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Families We've Helped | Little Rock, AR

Ida & Richelle | S Izard, Little Rock AR

We recently bought a house in Little Rock, AR from the most delightful family – Ida and Richelle. Now to give you some context here: Richelle was Ida’s daughter who lived in Cleveland, while Ida lived in Little Rock; they had inherited the property from Richelle's grandfather who passed away 12 years ago.

Unfortunately, the house had been vacant for the past four or five years due to Ida having tenants that she no longer wanted to deal with – it was getting too difficult for her as she got older.

We worked out a price that worked for both our company and the family and signed the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement was sent to a reputable title company to help us close the deal.

After a little bit of detective work, we found out that there were other heirs who needed to be taken into consideration as part of the process – thank goodness our title company was on top of it! The title company worked closely with the family, walking them through the process of getting the necessary documents in order to sell. We now own a cute brick home in Little Rock that just needs a little love to bring it back to life. Thanks Richelle and Ida for trusting in us!

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