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Families We've Helped | Cabot, AR

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Al Z. | Glenna Ln, Cabot AR

This property was Al’s primary residence until he paid it off and decided to move somewhere else. When he found out his father had stage 4 cancer, he let him live there so he wouldn't have to worry about paying any bills during that time.

When Al’s father eventually passed away, he wasn’t sure what to do with the property so he let it sit vacant for a while.

Al worked long hours for the Department of Defense and decided he didn’t have time to deal with the property. After visiting the property we discovered there was a huge hole on one side of the property, but we were able to buy it in that condition despite all the repairs that would need to be made.

Once we signed the purchase agreement, we sent the paperwork to our title company. Our title company worked around Al's busy schedule and they set up his closing when it was convenient for him. Thank you Al, for working with us and helping protect our citizens everyday through the work you do!

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