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Families We've Helped | Mabelvale, AR

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

David I. | Single Pine Dr., Mabelvale AR

David’s father passed away 10 years ago, leaving his mother with 3 rental properties that she was operating. He explained that her health was rapidly declining and he wanted to help her sell the properties quickly.

David was speaking to several investors and told us he wanted a quick, as-is sale. The properties had been in the family for a long time and two of

them had renters in place. One of the renters had been in the property for years and was on disability so David explained it would be difficult for him to find a new place to live. We assured him we would take care of him and let him stay in the property once we closed.

He also had concerns that some of the properties were just in his mother’s name and some were in both his deceased father's and mother's name. We assured him our title company will work with him and get any documentation needed. After we closed on the property, David told us how grateful he was that we took the properties off his hands so that he could focus on taking care of his mother and not worry about managing the rentals.

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