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Are "We Buy Houses" Companies a Scam(Part 3)?

Simplifying the Selling Process: Working with Real Estate Investors

This is part 3 in the series “Are "We Buy Houses" Companies a Scam?”

Do you have a property that's causing you some headaches? Well, it's time to consider an alternative approach. Instead of fixing it up and going through the traditional selling process, why not take a chance and work with a real estate investor or a "we buy houses" type company? It might just be the solution you've been looking for. Let's dive into the details!

Why Consider a Real Estate Investor?

So, you find yourself in a situation where your property needs repairs or maybe you're facing a financial bind, such as foreclosure or back taxes. Don't fret; working with a real estate investor could be a game-changer. These companies specialize in providing quick solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Of course, it's essential to do your due diligence before making any decisions. Ask for testimonials, check references, and ensure you're working with reputable professionals who have your best interests at heart.

Our Process at Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers

Here at Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers, we've simplified the selling process to make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. When you reach out to us, we'll set up a convenient phone call. We use a nifty tool called Calendly to schedule appointments and send you helpful reminders. During this call, which typically lasts around 10 to 15 minutes, we'll gather information about your property and your specific situation.

It's important to note that not every property or situation is a good fit for us. We'll carefully assess whether we can help you or not based on the information you provide. If we believe we can assist, we'll then ask you to send us pictures of the property in its current condition. This allows us to make a more accurate offer, even if the property is not in our local area. Remember, we can buy properties sight unseen, but having visual references helps streamline the transaction process.

How We Determine Our Offer

Once we have all the necessary information, we swing into action. Our dedicated team will research and analyze sales data in your area. This helps us determine a fair and competitive offer for your property. We'll also calculate the repair estimate based on our conversation with you and the current condition of the house. We believe in transparency, which is why we take the time to do our homework before presenting an offer to you.

The Path to a Smooth Transaction

After we've done our due diligence, we'll schedule a follow-up call to present our offer. During this call, we'll go over the numbers and discuss the terms. If our offer aligns with your expectations and works for both parties, we'll send you a purchase agreement to review and sign. We provide the flexibility of sending it via email or through traditional mail, whichever suits you best.

Once the purchase agreement is signed, we'll forward it to a trusted title company. They will conduct a thorough title search and assist with the closing process. Finally, when all is said and done, you'll receive your check, and the burden of your property will be off your hands.

Take the Leap: Work with Us Today!

If you have a property that's causing you stress and you're ready to explore alternatives to listing it on the market, give us a call at Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers. It might just be worth your time to see if working with a company like ours can provide you with a swift and hassle-free solution. Visit our website to book a call with us and let's make your property-selling journey a breeze!


Looking to sell your home? Our team at Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers is ready to make this process as smooth and low stress as possible for you.

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