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Can I sell my property if I have a tenant in place?

In this post we address a common question we receive from landlords who have rental properties. The question is, "Can I sell my property if I have a tenant in place?" And the answer is a resounding yes!

At Lindsay Sharma Property and Buyers, we are more than happy to buy properties with existing tenants. But why would someone want to do that? Well, let me explain.

We often speak to landlords who have been in the business for a long time and are ready to retire. They simply want to sell their property without the hassle of dealing with a tenant. Sometimes, tenants can create difficult situations by falling behind on rent or causing damage to the property. In other cases, landlords may have family issues and prefer not to strain their relationship by continuing to rent to a family member. For all these different situations, we offer a solution. We'll purchase the property and handle the tenant once the sale is complete.

If you have a property with a tenant that you want to sell, there are a few questions and information we'll need from you. Here's a handy checklist:

  1. Lease Agreement: If there's a lease in place, we'll need a copy of it. However, even if you have a verbal agreement, we'd still like to know the details.

  2. Rent and Utilities: Let us know how much rent the tenant pays and if they are responsible for utilities or lawn care.

  3. Additional Arrangements: If there are any other special arrangements or agreements between you and the tenant, please inform us.

  4. Security Deposit: Did the tenant pay a deposit when they moved in? We'll need this information too.

  5. Tenant Contact Information: We require the tenant's name and phone number. Rest assured, we won't contact them without your permission.

While we can proceed with an agreement to buy your property without physically inspecting it, we will need to do a thorough inspection before finalizing the closing. We understand that involving tenants in this process can be sensitive, but we've found that most tenants are willing to accommodate us for our due diligence.

Once the property is sold, we will take over the management of the tenant, allowing you to move on hassle-free. If you have any more questions or would like to speak to someone from our team, please visit our website and book a call. We'll be delighted to assist you with your rental property.


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