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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to sell a house in Arkansas? We specialize in buying houses in any condition, quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide you with cash for your home so you can move on to your next chapter hassle-free. Not only do we buy houses as-is, we also buy inherited and probate properties.


With us, you can rest assured your house will be sold quickly without having to make any costly repairs or handle complicated paperwork. Reach out today and let us make this process as simple and stress-free as possible!

Hi there!

I’m Lindsay Sharma, founder of, you guessed it, Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers. Before starting this company, I worked for a real estate investor where I gained valuable experience but saw some practices in the industry that I felt weren't very good. 

I didn't like how many of the investors I saw were working with sellers in a very transactional way and not taking the time to build trust and relationships first. I saw them using deceptive language and pushy sales tactics. These guys were giving this business a bad name by putting profits and transactions before people. 


Lindsay Sharma Real Estate Investor

So I created Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers. I wanted to disrupt the negative impact of the good old boy real estate investor club by creating exceptional value, education, and authentic relationships with every seller, buyer, vendor, and partner. 


I also wanted to make sure that a portion of every transaction would get invested back into the local community. Currently, we are donating 5% of profits to Women and Children First.

Sell House Fast Little Rock
Lindsay Sharma Real Estate Investor

The most important thing in my business is building relationships and that means getting to know one another. A few things about me:


  • Wife and mom to 3 little ones (2 boys and a girl - all under the age of 4, pray for me!)

  • Bookworm - I try to read a book a week

  • My previous job experiences include the truck rental operations manager, college recruiter, and graphic designer 

  • I’m a midwestern girl at heart, I love chilly weather, coffee, and cozy sweaters

  • My husband is from India and is the only one in his family to emigrate to the US

  • Big fan of true crime podcasts and docuseries



We don't just buy real estate; We're in the problem-solving business. From working with underserved communities to finding solutions for our neighbors, we strive to create opportunities where none existed before.  At our company, relationships come before profits - and we don't just talk about it, we live it! We not only listen to our sellers, buyers, and partners, but we also educate them so they come out of every interaction feeling supported.


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